Beneaththe Whitecoat


Beneaththe Whitecoat

Welcome to Beneath the white coat! We are so excited to share this with you. As physicians who love our jobs but also have several other interests we decided to promote creativity in medicine and make a shared space for others to do the same.

Why the name “beneath the white coat?” well, as physicians our identities are usually tied to a uniform, specifically in the form of our white coats. Starting with the short white coat in medical school, graduating to the long traditional white coats we wear in practice, our identity in the workplace has become synonymous with this piece of attire.  But we are so much more than a white blank canvas!

While creative outlets in Medicine are hard to find, they absolutely do exist. Fashion, art, and design allow for individual expression and personality that can play a subtle but powerful role in our careers as physicians. Studies have shown that by activating our creative side, one feels more motivated, confident, and invigorated thereby decreasing burnout and depersonalization.  

We have searched high and low for material that navigates this intersection, but found that it doesn't exist. So with that, we bring to you BTWC!  We look forward to learning, growing, and improving physician wellness each step of the way.