Beneath the whitecoat
Beneath the whitecoat
Where creative expression meets Physician Wellness


I am an Internal Medicine Doc, practicing Hospital Medicine at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital/UCSF for the past 5 years.  I"m originally an east coast gal from Andover, Massachusetts, but decided that west coast is it for me.  My life outside of medicine includes hanging out a lot with my preschooler, adventurous and crazy other half, and mini siberian husky.

I have spent a lot of time in the classroom over the years, and yet as a professional I still find myself figuring out how to enjoy and sustain both my life and career. BTWC is my channel for exploring this area.  The things that make me excited from day-to-day include constant barrage of music, movies, fashion, dance/yoga, and finally some bubbly because you must always celebrate life when you can!



Hi there! I'm an Internal Medicine physician with a focus in preventative health and lifestyle medicine. First and foremost I believe that when physicians take care of themselves, their patients are better taken care of. I am an advocate for physician wellness and am passionate about exploring the benefits of creativity and how it positively impacts the practice of medicine - reducing burnout, depersonalization and improving resilience.  My love for the arts and humanities is what keeps me balanced and sane in the field.  The things that keep me going and make me excited from day to day include working out, fashion, art, the ballet and spending time with family and friends. In my practice you can usually find me in a pair of heels bringing my individual sense of style beneath the white coat!